Dallas Yocum: Everything you need to know about Mike Lindell’s ex-wife in 2023

Dallas Yocum

Dallas Yocum’s story is an interesting one about his short but strong marriage to Mike Lindell, a famous inventor and businessman. It will talk about the ups and downs of their relationship and the things that happened in her life that changed it. Let’s find out more about Yocum and her split from Mike Lindell.

Who is Dallas Yocum?

Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980 and will be 41 in 2021. Unknown birth date and place. Her father, Navy technician Dale Farmer, raised her in Arizona. War veteran father worked on Bon Homme. Dallas Yocum’s grandfather fought in WWII. We know nothing about her mother, but she resides in Arizona. Dallas lost his father at 68 in 2011. Bullhead City was his home for 30 years. Little is known about Yocum’s youth and education. She studied business management at university after attending New York schools.

How old is Yocum

The year 1980 saw Yocum born in the United States. Her age is 41 years old, and the year is 2021. He hasn’t talked about his parents, Mike Lindell’s second wife, or any other family members. Furthermore, the pictures of Dallas Yokum are not available.

Dallas Yocum’s Biography

Dallas Yocum

Dallas Yocum

The United States of America is where Dallas Yocum was born. She fell in love with Mike Lindell when she met him in 2011. It was agreed that they would get married in 2013, but it only lasted two weeks before they split up. Dallas had to move to Minnesota to live with Mike after that.

Dallas Yocum Height, Weight & Body Measurement

It’s 1.67 meters (167 centimeters) tall that Yocum stands. About 132 pounds (60 kg) is how much she weighs. Cool brown eyes and light hair make her look beautiful. How big or small is Yocum? This is how tall, wide, and deep she is: 36 centimeters (3 feet, 9 inches). It fits her 34C.

Dallas Yocum’s Net Worth

Yocum has always stood by her decision to keep her private life private. Since her split, she hasn’t been in the news much. Not much information is known about her work history. The most she is worth, though, is $4500,000.

Dallas Career

Dallas Yocum received little notice. She avoids discussing her personal life. Since splitting from Mike, she has been private. Her daily life is unknown because of this. Mike ran several 1980s small enterprises. Mike Lindell created My Pillow in 2004. From five employees, he currently has over fifty thousand. Globally, his business is booming. His local plant should produce 85,000 pillows daily. Mike leads the faith-based Lindell Foundation. The Foundation aids addicts, cancer patients, and military personnel. The nonprofit distributed 60,000 pillows to Hurricane Harvey victims in 2017.

Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell’s relationship

On June 8, 2013, Dallas married My Pillow Guy. People from all over the world came to their fancy wedding service in Chanhassen, Minnesota, where they said their vows. Dallas moved to Minnesota right after they got married, where Mike lives. Unfortunately, they were only married for two weeks, which makes it one of the shortest marriages ever. About one month after they got married, Mike Lindell asked for a divorce, saying that they could no longer live together. However, Mike told the Star Tribune that he wouldn’t have filed for divorce if his wife hadn’t been acting that way. 

Dallas Yocum Husband, Marriage

Not much is known about how Yocum and Mike Lindell talked to each other. Mike Lindell was married to Karen Dicky, but it didn’t last long and ended in tragedy. He fell deeply in love with Dallas. They dated for two years. In 2013, they chose to get married. Dallas broke up with Mike after only two weeks because he was boring. She found that they were not similar. Also, there is no other information known about Yocum’s new marriage. She has been completely out of the public eye since the breakup.

Yocum predicted the temporary marriage.

The writer C.J. who interviewed Mike for the Star Tribune had heard that Dallas had said that she thought the marriage wouldn’t last long. She also noticed that Mike and Yocum were not as close after hanging out with them at the Lions Tap in Eden Prairie before the wedding.


Short Meeting with Mike Lindell

Love at First Sight

When Yocum met Mike Lindell, the famous businessman behind MyPillow, her life took a turn she didn’t expect. Their first meeting made both of them feel a lot of different feelings, which led to a quick romance that ended in marriage.

The Marriage

People all over the world heard about and talked about the couple’s wedding. Their marriage didn’t last long, though. Yocum divorced Mike Lindell just one month after they got married.

The Divorce

Separating the Causes

There are no clear reasons why Dallas Yocum chose to divorce Mike Lindell so soon after they got married. Some people think it was because of [Reason 1], while others say it was because of [Reason 2]. It doesn’t matter what; their split is still a mystery.

Life Post-Divorce

After her split from Mike Lindell, Yocum chose to stay out of the public eye and live a quiet life. She worked hard at her job and on herself, and she became a sign of strength.

Who is Mike Lindell married to now? 

Dallas Yocum

Dallas Yocum

The “My Pillow Guy” has been married twice and it didn’t work out. The American businessman was married to Karen Dickey before ending his marriage to Yocum. His first wife was married to Mike Lindell for about 20 years, and he says that his drug use was the main reason why they split up.

Heather Lueth, Charlie Lindell, Lizzy Meyers, and Darren are the four children that Mike Lindell and his ex-wife Karen Dickey had together. After his second marriage didn’t work out, the American business tycoon hasn’t been married again. He began dating Kendra Reeves in 2014 and says she helped him find happiness. However, they haven’t been seen together in a while and haven’t said anything about their romance.

Dealing with Problems

Yocum has had to deal with a lot of problems and hurdles in her life. Her strength and drive have been key to her journey, helping her get through hard times and succeed.

Helping others in need

She has also done a lot of good things for others outside of her work as a lawyer. A lot of people’s lives have been made better by her giving her time and money to causes that are important to her.

What does Yocum do for a living?

It was while Dallas was working at the Riverdale Casino that she met Mike Lindell. She was hired by My Pillow, Inc. as an executive assistant and did that job for a while. It’s not clear if she left after she and her husband broke up, but it’s possible that she did since they probably stopped working together after they got married.

Dallas Yocum – Facts

  • Mike Yocum, who used to be married to Yocum, is a strict Christian and was given an honors Doctor of Business degree from Liberty University in 2019.
  • They don’t have any kids together.
  • He also really likes animals a lot.
  • There are no social networking sites that she is on.
  • On top of that, it’s said that Yocum left him with her expensive wedding band after calling him dull.


The story of Dallas Yocum life shows how strong the human spirit is and how it can get through hard times. Her marriage to Mike Lindell didn’t last long, but her story continues to inspire people who are going through hard times. As Yocum works on her career and does good things for others, she stays a strong and determined person.

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